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Our range of new & used small tractors

USED Small Tractors for Sale

Used Small Tractors are more than capable of carrying out a wide range of tasks. With a broad selection of Used Small Tractors for Sale on-site at Comvex Compact Tractors. There is no better place to find your new or used small tractor. Small Tractors are growing in reputation for their simplicity, reliability, robustness, durability, and flexibility and low running costs and to be more than fit for purpose on all tasks required of them.

Comvex Compact Tractors are a UK based Supplier of Startrac Compact Tractors, and have an Honest, Reliable and Trustworthy Reputation of Selling and Distributing Compact Tractors and Attachments Throughout The UK.

Startrac Tractors are a subsidiary Brand of the Renowned and Respected Captain Tractor PVT Group. Who are an Indian Machinery Manufacturer and Supplier. They have been producing a wide range of Tractors and Farming Equipment, since the first Mini Tractor was introduced in 1998. They are known as pioneers of Compact and Mini Tractors, having achieved great sales success worldwide with Direct Sales to 17 Countries, Dealer Networks in 48 Countries, as well as a Strong Domestic Sales Market in India. They invest heavily in R&D (Research & Development) to maintain their position in both innovation and as a market leader certifying to ISO 9001 – 2015 Quality Standards.

The Startrac Range offers a combination of varied sizes, specifications, and colours to meet your individual and task specific customer needs. Most come equipped with power steering as standard and are fitted with a rear 3-point linkage which brings flexibility to add a variety of attachments to assist in any task required.

A Selection of Our Models We Currently Stock:

  • Startrac 223 – 8G CUB Edition
  • The smallest tractor of the range, but still Boasting a 953cc 3cyl Mitsubishi L3E Stage V Diesel Engine. Hydrostatic Power Steering, Selectable 2 and 4 Wheel Drive, Capable of 750kg of hydraulic 3 point link lifting, Diff-lock, 9×3 Mechanical Sliding Mesh Transmission, User Friendly Ergonomic Design Side Shift Gear Levers (no gearstick stuck in middle of floor), With a Leading Class Road Speed of up to 24.6 kmh, hydraulic auxiliary outlet, UK 540 & 1000 (540E) pto, Can be UK Road Registered.
  • Startrac 263 – 8G H (Optional Mid Mount Mower Deck)
  • The 263 H (Hydrostatic) with Twin Hydraulic Pumps as Standard, Hydrostatic Power Steering, Multi Disc Oil Immersed Brakes, Boasting a 1320cc 25 hp Mitsubishi S3L2 Stage V Diesel 3cyl engine, 3 forward 3 reverse gears High Medium and Low, Selectable 2 and 4 Wheel Drive, Diff lock, With a Leading Class Road Speed of up to 24.6 kmh, 750kg 3 point link rear lift capacity, twin hydraulic auxiliary outlets, Rear PTO 540 @2406 rpm / Mid PTO 2000 rpm @ 2430rpm, Can be UK Road Registered.
  • Startrac 263 – 8G MT 

  • The 263 MT is our Best Seller in our Compact Tractor Range, with Twin Hydraulic Pumps as Standard, Hydrostatic Power Steering, Multi Disc Oil Immersed Brakes, Boasting a 1320cc 25 hp Mitsubishi S3L2 Stage V Diesel 3cyl engine, 9×3 Mechanical Sliding Mesh Transmission, User Friendly Ergonomic Design Side Shift Gear Levers (no gearstick stuck in middle of  floor), Selectable 2 and 4 Wheel Drive, Diff lock, With a Leading Class Road Speed of up to 24.6 kmh, 750kg 3 point link rear lift capacity, twin hydraulic auxiliary outlets, UK 540 & 1000 (540E) pto, Can be UK Road Registered.

Additional Options are available with 6 Different Tyre Types, Front Loader a range of attachments to suit any of your needs and requirements.

All are built to a good specification, and We Offer Part Exchange against your old Tractor.

Benefits Of A Small Tractor.

There are numerous Benefit and Advantages of owning a compact tractor,

Versatility: Compact tractors can be equipped with various attachments, such as loaders, backhoes, mowers, and tillers, making them adaptable for different tasks.

Size: Their smaller size and manoeuvrability make compact tractors ideal for navigating tight spaces and working in confined areas, which can be challenging for larger tractors.

Fuel Efficiency: Compact tractors are typically more fuel-efficient than their larger counterparts.

Ease of Use: Many compact tractors are user-friendly and designed for operators with varying levels of experience, simplifying tasks for homeowners, farmers, and small-scale operators.

Maintenance: They are generally easier and more affordable to maintain than larger tractors, saving both time and money.

Ground Care: Compact tractors are less likely to compact the soil compared to larger, heavier equipment, making them suitable for landscaping and maintaining lawns and gardens.

Snow Removal: Equipped with snow blowers or ploughs, compact tractors are excellent for clearing driveways and Footpaths during the winter months.

Small tractors can perform a wide range of tasks quickly and efficiently, allowing operators to save time and labour on various projects.

Accessibility: Their compact size and lower weight make it easier to transport compact tractors on trailers, allowing them to be moved between locations conveniently.

Cost-Effective: Small tractors are often more affordable than larger tractors, making them a cost-effective investment for small farms, landscaping businesses, and homeowners who require a versatile workhorse for various tasks.

Whether you work in the farming and agricultural industry, landscape improvement and development, groundworks maintenance residential or commercial, small holding management or the upkeep of livestock on a farm. Or if you own or manage a sizeable acreage of ground for example a golf course, stately home, country house, industrial grounds, garden centre or nursery, sports pavilion, or a large garden. We will have a compact tractor to meet your needs.

They offer much more than for example what a ride on mower could ever offer, for example they thrive on mowing landscape areas such as village greens, sports pavilions, outside recreation areas and cricket pitches etc. As well as servicing general and private landscapes such as country houses, stately homes, and museum grounds etc. Also fit for purpose to maintain any private landscape property such as gardens, building groundwork exteriors or a thriving small holding, by lending itself to other tasks such as rotavating or spreading etc.

Small Tractors are used regularly for Grading, Tilling, Ploughing, Landscape Maintenance and levelling, Large Scale Mowing, Hedge Cutting, maintaining footpaths and Roadways etc, and are not limited to tasks such as cutting grass and general land maintenance. Using a small tractor to take care of the jobs mentioned can improve efficiency by reducing time spent on maintaining the standards required, and on labour expense whereby a lot of these tasks would have probably been outsourced to contractors to complete at quite a financial expense.

There is a comprehensive list of attachments available that can be used to fulfil different jobs. Such as mowing and collecting grass, general groundworks and cultivation, material transportation, spreading and spraying of materials, wood cutting and timber handling. As well as attachments for general appearance work such as sweeping and collecting debris. On most models there is also the opportunity to fit a front loader and bucket.

Compact tractors tend to offer the facility for easy fit attachments to the loading carriage, for example a set of pallet forks, a snow plough for those winter weather conditions and as mentioned a loading bucket. With a full range of attachments available such as front loaders, Backhoe Diggers, 4 in 1 Buckets, Trailers, flail mowers, Finishing Mowers, Rotavators and Spreaders, Hedge Trimmers, Power Sweepers, Land rollers, Transport Boxes, Box Graders and Trailed Harrows to name a few. We sell all model types large & small, from all top manufacturers Winton, ATV, Farm tech Supplies and many more. These Durable and reliable attachments offer complete versatility to any task a compact tractor needs to undertake.

Used Small Tractors in Stock Now.

Many small to medium sized businesses do not have the budget to invest tens of thousands of pounds on new full-sized tractors. In a lot of cases a Compact Tractor with affordable attachments are an ideal solution in saving manpower on ground care, landscaping, farming, and property maintenance. They are also fuel efficient in comparison to full size tractors which adds value in saving on operating costs. Because of their size they are easier to manoeuvre, operate and store. They are also built for easy routine maintenance by allowing easy access to the engine and its sub-components.

At Comvex Compact Tractors we are happy to assist with your Compact Tractor Purchase. By offering professional advice to ensure you find the model that you require by understanding what you are intending to use the machine for, and the differing types of terrain you intend it to use it on. Avoiding any costly mistakes that many customers make in thinking that what they are asking for is not necessarily the best fit for what they require.


Having a warranty with your new compact tractor can provide several benefits, offering you peace of mind and financial protection.

A warranty for a Compact Tractor typically covers various parts and components to ensure that the tractor functions correctly and reliably. The specific coverage can vary depending on the warranty terms and the manufacturer, typical tractor parts that a warranty might cover are: Engine, Transmission, Differential, Hydraulic System, Cooling System, Steering System, Brakes, PTO (Power Take-Off) and Axles 

Advantages of having a warranty for your compact tractor are:

Cost Savings: One of the primary benefits of a warranty is cost savings. If your compact tractor experiences a mechanical or electrical issue covered by the warranty, the manufacturer or dealer will typically cover replacement parts. This can save you a significant amount of money on unexpected repairs.

Long-Term Reliability: A warranty often signifies that the manufacturer has confidence in the quality and durability of their product. When you have a warranty, it is more likely that the manufacturer will use high-quality components and workmanship in the tractor’s construction, which can contribute to long-term reliability and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your compact tractor is protected by a warranty can give you peace of mind. You will not have to worry about unexpected repair bills, and you can have confidence that the manufacturer stands behind their product. This peace of mind is especially important for equipment that you rely on for important tasks.

Enhanced Resale Value: A tractor with a transferable warranty can have a higher resale value. Potential buyers often view a warranty as a sign of the tractor’s quality and its reliability. This can make it easier to sell your compact tractor when you decide to upgrade or no longer need it.

Professional Support: Warranties typically come with access to professional support and service from the manufacturer or authorized dealers. This means you can get expert advice, troubleshooting, and repairs from trained technicians who understand your tractor’s specific needs. This level of support can be valuable for maintaining your tractor’s performance.

Keep in mind that warranty terms and coverage can vary from one manufacturer to another, so it is essential to thoroughly read and understand the warranty documentation that comes with your compact tractor. Additionally, be aware of any maintenance or usage requirements to ensure that the warranty remains valid.


Taking out a finance deal for your new compact tractor can offer several benefits, making it a practical choice for many individuals and businesses.

The Advantages of financing a compact tractor can be:

Preservation of Capital: By financing your compact tractor, you can preserve your capital for other important investments or operational expenses. This is particularly beneficial for businesses, as it allows you to maintain a healthy cash flow and allocate funds to other essential aspects of your operation.

Fixed Monthly Payments: Finance deals typically come with fixed monthly payments, making it easier to budget and plan for your tractor expenses. This predictability can help you manage your finances more effectively, as you will know exactly what your tractor-related costs will be each month.

Tax Benefits: In many regions, financing a tractor can offer tax advantages. The interest on your loan payments may be tax-deductible, and you may be eligible for depreciation deductions, depending on your local tax laws. Consult with a tax professional to understand how financing can benefit your specific situation.

Access to Advanced Features: Financing allows you to access a higher-end, more feature-rich compact tractor that might be otherwise out of your budget if you were to pay for it outright. This can lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability, especially if you need advanced features or attachments for your specific tasks.

Improved Credit Score: If you make consistent, on-time payments on your tractor financing, it can positively impact your credit score. This improved credit score can help you secure better terms on future loans and financing options for other business needs.

It is important to note that the specific benefits of a finance deal can vary depending on the terms of the loan, your creditworthiness, and the lender you choose. Before committing to a finance deal for your compact tractor, be sure to thoroughly review the terms, interest rates, and any additional fees associated with the loan to ensure it aligns with your financial goals and needs.

Nationwide Delivery Throughout The UK.

At Comvex Compact Tractors we do our best to ensure our delivery process achieves its objective which is to ensure that products or services reach our valued customers in a timely and efficient manner.

We Receive and verify a customer order, confirm product availability and pricing, generate order documents, such as invoices and packing lists, Carefully pack products to prevent damage during transit, Confirm the accuracy of the recipient’s address, Choose the most appropriate shipping method based on factors like delivery time, cost, and package size, Monitor the movement of shipments in real-time, Require a signature or proof of delivery (POD) when necessary, Follow up with customers to confirm successful delivery.

We Believe following these process steps can help ensure a smooth and efficient delivery, which will lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Small Tractor and Digger Repair Specialists.

On-Site our workshop facility is fully equipped to manage all compact tractor and mini digger servicing and repairs. Our experienced and skilled mechanics will undertake all repairs and servicing on all makes and models of small tractors, compact tractors and mini diggers by all manufacturers including Farmtrac, Kubota, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Aebi, Agria, International, JCB, Belos, Mitsubishi, Yanmar, Carraro, New Holland, Case, Simplicity, Case, Caterpillar, Snapper, Solis, Class, Egholm, Ferris, Hako Yanmar, Hinomoto, Honda, Husqvarna, Hustler and many more.
Replacement Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings.
From our facility we also supply hydraulic hoses and fittings, manufactured in-house on our Hose Crimping Machinery. We can collect your machinery for servicing and repair and return it to you as soon as the work is completed.

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