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Leading the way as the first of its kind, offering unmatched ease of use and productivity. The acronym RAT signifies Ride-On, Articulated, Tipping Barrow, encapsulating its design.Introducing a revolutionary patent applied design, this product is well suited too Gardening, Equestrian and Farming. It guarantees users a ride that is both safe and stable, while delivering remarkable manoeuvrability, even when carrying loads of up to 200kg. Saving a lot of time and effort pushing wheelbarrows about.

They can be used to aid grounds management with the following football and cricket pitches, sports fields, public parks, golf courses, stately home grounds, large grounds management, horse paddocks, equestrian centres and fields, landscape development or estate management. 

Discover the pioneering Ride-On Wheel Barrow The Rat Barrow.

The standout quality of the RAT Barrow is its simplicity to provide users with intuitive and uncomplicated solutions. The Briggs and Stratton engine, equipped with automatic choke and fixed throttle, guarantees swift ignition at the turn of a key. Operation becomes effortless with the single variable speed pedal, allowing for easy forward and reverse movement.

With a generous 7 litre fuel tank capacity, this machine ensures less frequent refuelling stops, while the clear fuel gauge window enables the operator to monitor the fuel levels with ease. The balanced load and free tip design simplify the process of tipping large loads, streamlining the transportation of lawn clippings, horse manure, or garden waste from one place or another.

With it’s sturdy build, the Rat Barrow tackles heavier loads like firewood, soil, sand, and feed bags effortlessly, providing seamless transportation and tipping options. With a strong tow hitch located at the rear, the Rat Barrow allows for the attachment of a custom trailer, enhancing carrying capacity twofold and enabling convenient tipping.

Comvex is dedicated to ensuring our customers make informed choices about their machinery. If you are exploring the possibilities of how the Rat Barrow could positively impact your business, reach out to us. Contact us via phone or email – our team is here to support and guide you.

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